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  1. Ashesi University: Liberal Arts Education African style
  2. Here We Go again:Birmingham's turn this time
  3. African Institute for Mathematical Sciences
  4. Enjoying this heatwave?
  5. This Is a Bit Too Close to Home
  6. Do You Carry A Concealed Weapon?
  7. Angel Lola Luv Ethiopian Family Kicked Her Out For Losing Her Virginity At 15
  8. Why Africans living in the West can't be Free?
  9. Obama in Ghana to secure home for AFRICOM ?
  10. Pot Calling The Kettle *White*...LOL...
  11. She putting many of you to shame
  12. the Obama picture that doesn't tell the full picture
  13. Bill Clinton inducted into Black fraternity
  14. Annoying pre recorded sales calls....
  15. Racism in British Schooling
  16. Black man fights off 3 racist whites and then talks
  17. Looky looky! Check out ze German's Next Top Model!
  18. The 99: muslim comic book heros to team up with DC heros
  19. Is it Possible for Afrikans to Emancipate Themselves...
  20. 20th Century Slavery in America
  21. ...on the police stop, search, protests..
  22. Who Taught Blacks To Hate Themselves?
  23. How to deal with police
  24. White South Africans, Australians and New Zealanders in the UK
  25. Micheal Jackson's children
  26. The Solar Eclipse July 22nd,2009
  27. How educated must one be?
  28. How to you add a link from one site to another?
  29. You gotta laugh.... another wedding dance.
  30. Death By iPhone
  31. Making Our Own Currency
  32. This is just too funny..Wedding march to Chris Brown wow!!
  33. R.I.P Body Music in Tottenham?
  34. THAT banned German sprite advert.....
  35. Stifling Frustration
  36. Been caught stealing!!...from Primark!
  37. Are *They* "African-Americans" or "Afro-Britains"???
  38. Yes,he could of killed somebody...but I can't help but be a little impressed.
  39. Beautiful Truth aka Queen Tetisheri--New to the Village
  40. Gorden Ramsey meets his match!
  41. Democrat, Republican or Southener??
  42. Birmingham carnival
  43. woman pours boiling water on cheater's crotch
  44. So, does anybody still think this planet is inhabited by only humans?
  45. Are We More Invested in America because of Obama?
  46. World Championships Bolt Vs Gay....licks soon come!!!
  47. is this the missing link?
  48. Health Care?
  49. Black woman speaking Korean
  50. I love laughing at fools!
  51. The Death of Black America!
  52. Although I am not a Presidential fanatic.....
  53. World Championship Thoughts
  54. Looking for a Hypno- Psycho-therapist in London
  55. DVD Secret Space 2 - Alien Invasion DOWNLOAD
  56. Neighbours racial tirade...
  57. Pedophilia...Natural Desire or Mental Illness?
  58. Biracial...NOT BLACK, DAMNIT!
  59. The Worst Job I Ever Had
  60. Do We Want Our Children?
  61. Thursday dilemma, who should get the money?
  62. Who's going to Carnival.......
  63. Should carnival be moved?
  64. Men!!, who shaves??
  65. Hostile co-workers
  66. Putting a fool on blast.. MODS!!!!!!!!!
  67. Russians DISRESPECT Obama - Video
  68. What do you make of this?..(Birmz going on hard)
  69. Good Hair...
  70. Is this how women get caught tricked into sexual slavery?
  71. Ok,so I know i'm about 5 years too late with this,lol.........
  72. uh oh Jamaican track
  73. The Silent Killer
  74. Preacher Wants President Obama DEAD!!!
  75. Our Carnival Is Better Than Yours!
  76. Ligali Newsletter
  77. Brain Gain: Going back to Africa
  78. Debate this - Black guy on Tyra full of self hate
  79. Positive community groups link...
  80. MJ tribute with J.Jackson at last night MTV awards.
  81. Muslim Community and British Politicians
  82. Well Hello!
  83. Bad Websites you HATE!
  84. Facebook bad for relationships....
  85. Do You Like Your Family Members?
  86. DVD Ban The Fed DOWNLOAD
  87. Baby dances to Beyonce I am sorry this is funny as hell
  88. wyts and civil rights,,,
  89. Dr. accused of letting man die to steal watch
  90. Negro PLEASE: mayor in Cleveland
  91. Am I out of step with society or has society gone mad?
  92. Rev. Sharpton...WWF.....really?
  93. 10 Things NEVER to Say to a Black Coworker
  94. Excerpt From "The Camps Are Real"
  95. wow...making f-f-f-fun of stuttering?
  96. The Voice Newspaper
  97. DVD Alex Jones - The Order of Death DOWNLOAD
  98. In Love With A Pillowcase
  99. school cop-overboard or justified
  100. The Imported Ghanaian
  101. Ron Paul on Clinton's Impeachment...in 1998
  102. Old Bnvillage forums
  103. Would Afrikans Be Extinct If the Confederacy (South) Won the American Civil War?
  104. The Real Scandal At The World Bank
  105. Remembering the 1985 Broadwater Farm riots....
  106. Jonathan Emel McCoy: Give it up....
  107. hey hey it's saturday - jackson jive
  108. Black man to the rescue
  109. Is there any reason why the BNP should not appear on the BBC question time ?
  110. Chris Rock Doesn't Understand Why Black American Women Don't Like His Movie!
  111. Scotland's symbol of hope: How 14-year-old Feruz went from refugee to a star in the m
  112. you're NOT robbing this store
  113. 9pm Race and Intelligence: Science's Last Taboo
  114. Channel 4 and the BBC's, ''Race Season''?
  115. C4's "How racist are you?"
  116. Defoe I take it back you're not the dumbest man on the planet this idiot is!
  117. How racist are you ?
  118. Life And Debt
  119. Can't Find Your Ideal Wife, How About Build One?
  120. Operation Black Vote Event - 29 October 2009
  121. The African Soulja Boy
  122. Zimbabwee
  123. Objection!! You have no legal power over me!!
  124. UK, what's your opinion about this?
  125. life imitates art-killer confesses for fast food
  126. marine beats a man who "looks" like terrorist
  127. Why dont blacks protest stuff like this
  128. Well I need some
  129. Would you kill your own child IF....?
  130. I found luv, OR Luv has found me....LOL
  131. BNV USA Posse
  132. BIRTHDAY CAKE anyone:)?
  133. Peckham
  134. Tiger Woods DUI?
  135. Steven Spielberg & Spike Lee to direct "Things Fall Apart"
  136. DVD Area 51 - Secrets of the Black World DOWNLOAD
  137. Here we go again White whinging class at it again...
  138. life imitates art-baltimore mayor convicted
  139. Tell me have you seen her???? No shame!
  140. IT
  141. Are Africans no longer looking west
  142. Black Comedy Events - London Boxing Day & New Years Eve
  143. Do all Americans have white teeth?
  144. Are y'all aware of this story?? No?,not surprised.
  145. A New York City vignette which I walked into the middle of yesterday.
  146. Guess what Black people look like in Africa??" Clue.. not like you
  147. Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story
  148. 6 second video of flying dragon
  149. Merry Xmas to you all!....or
  150. Old Clothes/Shoes
  151. do u have more than one identity ?
  152. Just witnessed a car crash....
  153. Are Afrikan-Americans More "Afrikan" Than Continental Afrikans???
  154. Happy new year to all...
  155. Black Chinese Girl suffers Racism in China
  156. selling "black"
  157. 2010 American census uses Negro...
  158. Let it snow!
  159. Would You Adopt?
  160. Earthquake hits Haiti
  161. Welcome to Daughter of the Diaspora
  162. is it o.k. to kill abortionists
  163. Black owned shops in birmingham????
  164. It sux when the BNV server drops!
  165. courage
  166. Earthquake Cayman Islands
  167. foot in mouth..........................
  168. Scary website
  169. What causes people to be 'radicalised'?
  170. Blacknet UK launches New Job BN JObs
  171. Women told to stop looking for Mr Right
  172. Discussion - Top myths about Africa
  173. A War For Your Soul
  174. Winnie Mandela Protests Biopic Starring Jennifer Hudson
  175. Is the movie Avatar a wake-up call for conscious Afrikans?
  176. "Pat Robertson is the devil"
  177. Is Breast Best?
  178. Crossing the Line...........................
  179. So MR Peter Tatchell..will you attempt to arrest this man then?
  180. Why Do Afrikan Men & Women Have Such Difficulty Building Strong Relationships?
  181. Anti-paedo protests---
  182. TURNED OUT!-Sexual assault in prison.
  183. Bruce Lee screen test for The Green Hornet
  184. Now that's cojones
  185. Is Bill Clinton dead?
  186. Black Power, perfection is engaged....
  187. It is with regret that I announce the end of my marriage
  188. I appear to have aquired a cat........
  189. Do we have the worlds largest population?
  190. Why Are People Afraid of Other's Views?
  191. The Day the Immigrants Left..
  192. Buying Flights Online
  193. Street Cars
  194. he used facebook to do WHAT?
  195. Darksider
  196. 5 men 11 kids!!
  197. SETI Crazy or Correct ?
  198. 7 kids, by 6 women, in 5 states
  199. Any Nuwaubians on BNV?!...if so, I have one question...
  200. Mothers Day Mothering Sunday
  201. Is This Photo Racist?
  202. Noel Clarke reacts to blogger critique
  203. These Kids!
  204. Bottoms up! The 'bumkini' that promises to transform your derriere
  205. 15 yr old stabbed to death at Victoria Station during Rush Hour!!
  206. The Most Uneasy Feeling...
  207. Is Homosexuality a Choice or is it Inborn?
  208. Black Men United!!
  209. Motherland: A Genetic Journey Documentry
  210. African Renaissance Statue - Senegal
  211. no kfc............no..
  212. Free level 1 Black History Knowledge course
  213. Cartoon of Obama...Is It Racist???
  214. Lenny Henry and Dawn French Divorce after 25yrs marriage
  215. japanese workers kill mixed race babies in Africa
  216. What a White Reporter wrote in a Georgia Newspaper!!
  217. Notts, Manchester or Leeds?
  218. BNP Leaflet through my front door!
  219. ACORN "tape" exposed
  220. Can't buy that kind of honesty "The Undisclosed Truth"
  221. Welcome to Lagos
  222. mixed race is the perfect face!! anyone care to comment?
  223. Sad and funny at the same time(video)
  224. The BNP (British NIGERIAN Party)
  225. Black Women OWE NO DAMN APOLOGY For Their Success!!!
  226. R.I.P Dorothy Height Woman of Honor
  227. The Boat Race (joke)
  228. Who are you voting for The Black Vote Can Decide...............
  229. salt and freshly ground black people
  230. Do people with dogs have a different idea of hygiene to the rest of us?
  231. What are your general views..
  232. The State Benefits.
  233. Barrack Obama Affair????
  234. Tribute to the man called Bob Marley
  235. Sistaswithattitude.com's Top 20 Most Beautiful Sistas in the World
  236. Farrakhan interview about interracial dating
  237. 25 Years Ago: Philadelphia Police Bombs MOVE
  238. Shemsi en tehuti of youtube fame...
  239. views please
  240. The Boogeyman...
  241. Miss Haiti 2010
  242. BP Oil Spill
  243. BBC Series
  244. Black actors in Britain
  245. The Uppity Sistah has Arrived!
  246. Trevor Phillips investigates the categorizing of people based on colour
  247. Crisis at Birmingham's New Style Radio
  248. Putting the record straight!!
  249. she books your cruise and robs your house
  250. Tiger Woods: Black, white, other