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  1. Not being harsh but ......I really don't get this idea!!?


    Just heard this on radio and saw confirmation in the newspaper and I must say i'm just a touched puzzle, what could the logic be in naming a drug rehab centre after Amy Winehouse of all people, yes i get the rationale of the parents....but thinking about it in cold hard facts, the point is rehabs failed her badly, she wrote a song about how she refused to go ...
  2. Kingsley Burrell March for Justice 2nd July Birmingham

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    British Justice?

    The tragic death of Kingsley Burrell a young black man a father, brother and son at the hands of West Midlands Police is profoundly resonant in some ways of the policing style of South African apartheid regime, the epitome of a racist police state.

    The Boer police were notorious for the brutal way they killed innocent black South Africans in their droves. Under apartheid South Africa there was a formal process of police accountability and judicial