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Thread: Seasons

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    Cool Seasons

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    Whoever shall deem the future; the cycle of steps to another spring
    Whether joy or sorrow—bring
    Nought but winsome blowing wind
    That stirs the soul and sets the autumn leaves abound
    Around the mother earth, the slumbering trees
    The roots of life, to rock the cradle in warm blossom fold
    One spark of life released in universal pride
    Bid us all be free of fear, encompassed in the mother tree
    Hearts that beat in simultaneous glee
    Be not afraid—be free

    Who shall deem infinity
    Nought but the change of seasons
    Leaves that wither into dust
    The meaning of life, the hope—the reason
    Full cycles turning, wheels in motion spinning
    Bringing teeth's gnashing on times worn ancient bones
    Still and yet to fade away
    To dirt to earth—to blend nutritious soil abound
    The turning of new souls around
    Eternal days of yesteryears
    Following nights of slumbering sleep
    To dream in rhyme and reason
    Coloured bright in shades of hue
    See the light of hope and love
    The joy of being—so glad I’m I to be
    To breathe sweet blossom in the wind
    And see another season

    © Ras Lin

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    This is a beautiful poem

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    [4:49:57 PM] Chief K.Masimba Biriwasha says: Greetings,

    I hope that this message finds you in good spirits. My name is Masimba Biriwasha, a Zimbabwean, currently based in France, Paris. I am interested in becoming part of your community, and contributing my thoughts and feelings to the subject at hand.

    I am part of a team leading the Open Source Ecology movement dedicated to building the first replicable, modern self-sufficient resilient communities. See our blog Open Source Ecology Weblog and our wiki Open Source Ecology for the open source hardware we're developing, including a Compressed Earth Brick Press and a multi-purpose tractor. 'Open Source' means is that it is free of charge to the public.

    We hope some of you find the project interesting and useful!

    Thanks to Mornflake cereal Mornflake – Milling our way in Cheshire for 14 generations and their online video contest MornflakeVideoCompetition we're able to spend time to reach out to UK online communities. The idea is that it makes more sense for us to promote each other then for them to promote

    I would like to effectively engage with as many of you as possible.

    Please write back and let me know how we can effectively community in this social space.

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Chief K.Masimba Biriwasha
    Paris, France


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