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    Default Jay-Z Sets Up Educational Fund For Sean Bellís Children

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    XXLmag.com | Hip-Hop On A Higher Level | Jay-Z Sets Up Educational Fund For Sean Bell’s Children

    Jay-Z has established educational funds for shooting victim Sean Bellís children, XXLmag.com has learned.
    The hip-hop mogul and Bellís fiance Nicole Paultre (who later changed her surname to Bell), along with her attorney, worked out the details involving the charitable offer months ago, according to a source close to the rapper.

    Itís not clear yet the particular details of the agreement, but it is assumed the Brooklyn iconís contribution will help send both of Bellís children to college, should they choose to go. A New York judge acquitted the three detectives who fired the 51 shots that took Bellís life and wounded two of his friends after the group left Bellís bachelor party in Queens.

    A number of rallies have been held to protest the controversial verdict. The highly-charged trial was followed closely around the country by many and prior to and after the case, a number of rappers, including Papoose, Joell Ortiz, and The Game, voiced their support for Bell and his family in song.

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    Props to Jay-Z
    ......"Wasn't nothing strange about your daddy,what was strange was what he had to deal with"-Al Sharpton

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    yep ditto
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